About Us

Our aim is to bring together good quality independent clothing and great independent coffee. 

Coffee Clothing Collective started after drinking too many cups of bad coffee. I had the luxury of living in central London last year, a location with a wealth of independent coffee shops - it was here that I developed a taste for good coffee. With my engineering mindset, I quickly became determined to make a great cup of coffee every time. This came for me in the form of an Aeropress and a cheap handgrinder. I was a student and it saved me tons of money.

I then moved back to Birmingham for my final year of university where the independent coffee scene is pretty good. There were plenty of great coffee shops within a stones throw of my apartment. Despite this, I still saw too many people wasting their money on coffee that could be so much better.

Fast forward to today - we collaborate with numerous independent, UK-based (for now!) roasters to bring you the best speciality coffee. Throughout each year, we will be working with various companies to introduce more and more people to the world of great coffee.

If you're a coffee roaster or a business based in the UK coffee industry and this sounds like something you're interested in, we'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for checking out the collection - life is too short for bad coffee.

 Chris at Hasbean


Founder of Coffee Clothing Collective