Where Have You Been?

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Where Have You Been?

So where have you been hiding?

Good question. I guess just living, doing engineer stuff. I have been incredibly lucky that the last year has seen me travel around the world with both work and with friends.

One of my favourite places was Oman where I happened to meet some of the nicest people I have ever met. I even got to check out their speciality scene. 5000 miles from home and I manage to meet someone who not only is a speciality enthusiast but runs his own Cafe out there (when he is not busy being an architect and all round great guy).


I digress. One of the big things that has happened was taking a look at what to do with this clothing brand I have been so passionately cultivating. There are some changes to the business model however, and that does mean that we will no longer be giving away the coffee with the clothes. It isn’t something I wanted to do, but for us to be able to deliver the product, unless we stopped giving the beans away we would be making a loss for the foreseeable future. However we will still be having strong links with roasters and more will come on that soon! 

The new kid on the block. Tom has been working with me on the brand since the beginning, but has been behind the scenes doing the graphic work. Tom is now much more involved and will be running much of the social media content creation. He also makes up for the beard I can’t grow.

I guess what I want to say is sorry for being so quiet over the past few months, I have been carefully deliberating at how best to take this brand forward and provide you with great quality sustainable products, whilst still trying to not get sacked from my full time job.

So we are back in business and will be launching a new range of clothes from a new manufacturer this August.

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