September 2018 featured roaster: Hasbean Coffee

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September 2018 featured roaster: Hasbean Coffee

Hasbean, founded by Stephen Leighton in 1999, was a very different business to the roast-to-order company we now know and love. Stephen started out working on a market stall in Stafford re-selling roasted coffee. Working around other work commitments, it was a tough time. 

Following the market stall not quite being the success he had dreamed, he decided the business needed to change slightly. One customer brought back a bag of beans they had bought complaining that the coffee didnt dissolve when she stirred it. This is when he realised he needed to educate the folk of England. 

“It’s just a matter of education and being exposed to quality coffee. So we found a shop in Stafford town centre. It was VERY small, and in an awful location, but cheap and affordable.”

The shop ran successfully - it wasnt long until the opportunity turned to roasting. Stephen picked up a small 2KG coffee roaster from the roaster he had originally sourced his beans from. A number of months later, with help from a student who was a regular customer at the café, Stephen turned to e-commerce. The business went from success to success, with Stephen being asked to get involved in the Cup of Excellence program in 2005. 

“We had always used high quality beans, but being exposed to great Cup of Excellence coffees really inspired us to push to another level. Visiting origin and working with our growing partners was a great experience that really focussed our direction.”

Stephen now regularly visits different parts of the world sourcing the best possible coffee, building relationships with farmers and bringing the great coffee that the world has to our doorstep. 

Hasbean is a prime example of how hard work and good ethics really does pay off. The team working with Stephen are great and all sterling ambassadors of the speciality coffee scene and how it should be moving forward.

To find out more about Hasbean’s story, check out their blog here.


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