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Coffee & Yoga

This is the start of some of our more creative blogs. What better place to start than by talking about two things I love? Coffee and Yoga.

Now, I know they aren’t directly linked. In a sense, they are polar opposites – coffee is often used to wake you up and give you energy, whilst yoga is made to slow you down and it certainly helps me to sleep at night. There are even arguments that you shouldn’t have coffee before your yoga session as it can stop you from relaxing, but there is no chance you are getting me on the mat at 6.45 on a Thursday morning if I haven’t had some of my dark elixir.

So what is the point of this article then if coffee and yoga aren’t really linked? I think they should be. The whole concept of yoga for me is trying to bring a sense of awareness and calm into my day-to-day life. From a hippy perspective, it makes me more laid back and a more pleasant person to be around. Equally, from a business perspective it makes me more productive and better able to focus. If I am present, I am aware when I am being distracted and can try to bring myself back on track. Personally I find those 10-15 minutes each morning on the mat make a huge difference to my ability to focus at work.

But I still haven’t got onto coffee. So here it is. If, like me, you are a home brewer, then you might already see where this is going. One of my favourite things is the process of making the coffee. Weighing the beans, grinding the beans, spilling the grinds on the floor and starting all over again (the last bit isn’t all that calming) – I find it an almost mediational practice.


At the moment, whilst running this company, I also work full time at an engineering firm. This firm isn’t renowned for having a great coffee selection. Heck, we don’t even have ground coffee. It is instant, or decaf instant. So I have to bring in my own beans. And scales. And V60, aeropress and French press just in case I NEED a different coffee. That or James Hoffman releases some new brew method I fancy trying.

I am very lucky in the sense that the day I started, I found out that only other person in my team (in my office at the time) just so happened to quite like coffee too. In fact, she was also a member of coffee forums, has the same Gaggia Classic set-up as me and all the same home brewing apparatus. So when I am in the kitchen with tiny scales, people are less suspicious of it being a drug transaction and more a nerd meeting.

So often I can tell people think “hang on, he has just spent 10 minutes making a coffee, he must not be working hard.” To those people I have a very simple message; mind your own business. No, that isn’t my message really – I tend to have one coffee a day at work (I brew up about 320ml) and that is it. The rest of the day I just drink water. This is compared to the other people drinking 5-6 cups of rubbish coffee a day.

My cup – 1x 10 mins. Total time per day making coffee 10 mins.

Crap cup – 6x 2mins. Total time per day making coffee 12 mins.

I win.

The most important thing for me is to take that time to relax, do something I enjoy, and be present. That is a guaranteed period each day at work I look forward to. It gives me time away from the screen, the desk, and just some space. That, for me, is instilling the inner Yogi into an office environment via coffee.

Certainly don’t feel you have to, but next time you are making a coffee at work, try to take the time, smell the coffee, appreciate the journey that coffee has been on to make it to your cup. Farm, to roaster, to you to cup. Enjoy actually moving and grinding the beans (a rarity when sat at a desk all day). Then when tasting it try to really pick out the tasting notes, first without the hints on the bag, then maybe with a little help.


If you have any tips on drinking coffee at work please get in touch via the contact us page.

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